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MY Story

When I was a little girl living in NYC, surrounded by all the glitz and glamour it can offer; my eyes shined with wonder.  Placing me on a path to be inspired by all things lavish and enchanting!

Today, I am a Central Pennsylvania coordinator living her dream, creating all things beautiful, extravagant and fun. How fabulous is that?

I wasn't always a wedding Coordinator

I have worked in the Human Resources corporate world for many years, this experience allowed me to understand human emotions, different personalities, and to problem solve on the "fly".  You can feel comfortable knowing I am "all in" to create events with atmosphere.

It's a vibe!

Fun facts

born and raised in

New York City

I could live at


my favorite person

Can't pick one-My Family

favorite drink

LemonDrop Martini 

My business goal

Open aVenue

Favorite season


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